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Who Are We?


Greyhound Re-Homing is a privately run initiative set up to address the shortage of re-homing avenues for Greyhounds, especially in regional NSW.

Greyhound Re-Homing operates out of Manilla, which is located in North West NSW. We predominately take in Greyhounds from pounds or trainers in & around the Tamworth area. We prefer to take dogs straight form Owners & Trainers, so that we can gather relevant information.

We have over 20 years' experience with Greyhounds of all shapes, sizes & age. Jodi Green (our founder) grew up in racing kennels and has had dealings with all aspects of the greyhound lifecycle from birth onwards. She does not race & has no immediate involement in todays racing life.

After finishing full time employment (which included a lot of travel) Jodi went looking for a companion & found Patch in the pound... Upon doing some research into the groups for greyhounds in regional NSW, she noticed that there is a severe lack of options for greyhounds in regional NSW who are not suitable for racing. From this research we started working with existing groups to network hounds, learn more about the re-homing side of greyhounds (from a groups perspective) & eventually Greyhound Re-Homing was formed.

We are a small group, with only a few volunteers and we do not use kennels. Each dog that enters our care comes straight to Greyhound Re-Homing HQ (Jodi's place) for their vetwork & temperament testing, living inside until they find a foster home or their forever home.


Suzy is a playful girl who likes to play rough and tumble with you! She will talk to you when playing, often to yell at you because you stopped playing and she wasn't ready to stop. 

She is looking for a reasonably active family who will take her on a walk every day or couple of days, plus give her toys to play with to keep her brain active. Suzy does love to sleep (like a typical greyhound) & is a great 'roacher' when she is comfortable. She loves all the typical soft, plushy greyhound places to sleep, but will happily lay down on the carpet near you... In fact, Suzy would make a great office companion!

Suzy would consider a home with a cat, as long as kitty is indoors only and reasonably calm. Suzy likes to play, so we don't want a kitty to work her up, as she's a significant size larger than the cat. 

***Suzy does have a medical condition that will require ongoing medication for life. She has an offshoot of Pannus, which is actually her autoimmune system attacking her eyes. This is currently being managed with a cream, which just get popped into her eye. She isn't a fan of the treatment, but is getting used to it and will let you do it with minimal fuss. Suzy's treatment will be needed for her lifetime, however Greyhound Re-Homing will fund all associated expenses with Suzy's Pannus for her lifetime.