One of the many ways to help is to volunteer... Now, as we are a small group that may not always mean coming and walking dogs... Below is a list of things that you can do to volunteer, some of these only requiring a few minutes of your time:

  • Walking, washing or grooming hounds - Because HQ is located in Manilla, volunteers would need to be willing to travel out here. There is a bus a couple of times a day on weekdays and we can pick you up from the bus stop. Please co-ordinate your visit with us, to make sure Jodi is at home (HQ) to welcome you and give you access to the hounds.

  • Sharing posts and hounds available for adoption on social media

  • Coming to events to help set up, hold a dog, talk to people enquiring or even just minding the site so someone can have some lunch or a loo break... Often it is a huge help to have someone mind the site while we take a hound to the toilet.

  • Sometimes we have donations offered to us, but we have to pick them up by a certain time... Often as we are busy with the hounds, this can difficult. If you could pick up donations and hold them for us, or even just be a delivery point it can be a big help... If you are able to deliver items to HQ that is even better, but not essential. Items could be as small as a few flea/worm treatments up to a few blankets/beds or some kibble.

  • Often we travel quite a way to drop off or pick up hounds. Sometimes a travel companion is very welcome.

  • Become a HOME CHECKER - For hounds looking at homes with a bit of travel involved, it is always beneficial for us to have someone to do a home check before we arrive with the dog, to make sure the home is suitable for a hound.

  • Of course there is always fostering... We are always in need of foster carers, especially those without cats or little animals. Sometimes a hound just needs some time in a loving caring home environment learning to trust in this strange new world before they can be comfortable around smaller animals.

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If you can help us in any of the way​s listed above or you have found another way to help, you can either call us on 0488434378 or send us a message using the provided section to the right.


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